About Us

Oink is not about dating. It is about connecting with people nearby and running together at your own timetable

Having a challenge to easily find someone to run with right when you need it. Oink App solves this challenge. Perhaps you are new to the city and are eager to learn interesting routes to run on and/or to enjoy a good conversation while running or walking. Oink App provides that easy access to find someone. Perhaps you just want to run with someone now, but none of your friends are available. Oink App connects you with someone available.

Our Features

Swipe Right

Swipe right to match with someone to run with right now

Pace and Duration

Pick the pace that’s right for you and the duration you want. Someone within these parameters will be a match for you.


It’s a match! You can chat and coordinate on time and location. Go on running!

How Its Work

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